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How You Should Talk About Hospice with Your Loved One


The CDC states that 1.4 million patients are in hospice. That includes a large number of senior citizens. If your loved one has received a prognosis of up to six months due to a terminal illness, it may be time to consider accessing this form of care. Of course, Lake Forest Quality Caregivers, LLC knows that bringing it up is always difficult as a provider of home care in Lake Forest, California.

Knowing this, we would like to extend a hand to the families of terminally ill patients. This is why our home care in Orange County includes hospice.

To start the conversation on choosing hospice, our caregiving agency in Orange County suggests family members or concerned friends take the following steps:

  • Do your research.

    Your talk on hospice care will involve a lot of answering questions and addressing fears and doubts. So be equipped with the latest facts on the topic as much as you can.

  • Set a good time and place to talk.

    End-of-life care is a heavy topic to discuss. Find a good time and place to talk about it with your loved one. You can bring along a family member or friend who your loved one respects to make the discussion easier.

  • Be open and honest.

    Talking to your loved one about their prospects and their options will never be easy. So be open about how you feel about the situation and how much you care. Emphasize that it is all about helping them live well up to their final moments.

  • Keep your heart and mind open.

    Anger, fear, and denial are all natural responses. Just practice the utmost patience and empathy as you address their reservations. This is your opportunity to dispel some common misconceptions and give them the aid they deserve.

As experts in personal care at the later stages of life, we share your concern. Allow us to help your loved one understand why they may need hospice by setting an appointment today.

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