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1. Why is caregiving difficult?

Caregiving is hard to do because of the many changes you see in your patient’s or client’s life. These changes may include the person you’re caring for not recognizing who you are anymore due to dementia. They may be too ill to talk or follow simple plans.

2. What are the signs of a caregiver being stressed?

  • feeling overwhelmed or constantly worried
  • feeling often tired
  • getting too much sleep or not enough sleep
  • gaining or losing weight
  • being easily irritated or angry
  • feeling sad

3. What qualities do you need to work with someone with dementia?

Communicating with a person with dementia requires belief, creativity, understanding, patience, and skills.

4. How stressful is caregiving?

  • Caregiving is rewarding but stressful. It is natural to feel angry, frustrated, exhausted, alone, or sad.
  • Caregiver stress – the emotional and physical stress of caregiving is common. People who experience stress can be vulnerable to change in their own health.

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