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The Wonders of Collagen to the Aging Body


Collagen is a structural protein found in the body’s connective tissues. It provides support and strength to the body. Did you know that your body’s collagen production decreases with age?

Yes! Your body produces less collagen as you age. The loss of collagen leads to sagging skin and a decrease in strength in muscles. This is why a caregiving agency in Orange County strongly recommends collagen supplements to help seniors.

But how does collagen truly help? Well, a provider of home care in Lake Forest, California has laid out the wonders of collagen for you below:

  • It Supports Joint Health.

    Collagen acts like a cushion that maintains the integrity of your cartilage, the rubber-like tissue between joints. Studies show that collagen supplements may help improve symptoms of osteoarthritis and even alleviate joint pains.

  • It Increases Muscle Mass.

    Collagen makes up muscle and increases muscle mass, which may help strengthen the body, as well as improve and increase mobility.

  • It Promotes Heart Health.

    Collagen provides structure to your circulatory system. Did you know that inadequate amounts of collagen in your body may result in inelastic arteries? This may result in a condition called atherosclerosis.

  • It Improves Skin Health.

    Your skin needs collagen for it to be plump and elastic. Collagen also plays a vital role in strengthening your skin barrier. Enough collagen in the body may also help prevent sagging skin!

If you wish to boost your body’s collagen production with the help of collagen supplements and proper medication supervision, please contact Lake Forest Quality Caregivers, LLC.

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