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Signs Your Elderly Loved Ones May Need to Stop Driving


Age-related issues can make it more complicated or more dangerous for your elderly loved ones to continue driving themselves around. Issues like vision problems, mobility constraints, memory loss, and chronic conditions can increase the risk of automobile accidents. Luckily, there are many transportation options out there, like our transportation services in Lake Forest, to help seniors get around safely.

Despite driving becoming more difficult for seniors due to aging and illness, many seniors continue to move in unsafe conditions. Here are some signs that your elderly loved ones may need to consider putting down the steering wheel for other safer transportation options:

  • Difficulty Parking

    Parking is an important skill to have when driving and becomes second nature with experience. If your elderly loved ones start having trouble parking correctly, it may be time to consider other transportation options. We provide seniors with transportation assistance with our home care in Lake Forest, California.

  • Unexplained Dents or Scratches

    Unexplained dents, bumps, and scratches on the car can indicate a decline in driving skills due to age-related problems. Consider transportation services if your elderly loved ones mention that they have experienced close calls or near misses while driving. We can take your loved ones to their appointments with our home care in Orange County, which includes transportation services.

  • Poor Vehicle Maintenance or Neglect

    If their car shows signs of neglect, such as low tire pressure, overdue maintenance, or visible damage, it may suggest a lack of attention to safe driving practices and the need for safer transportation options.

For more information about our transportation services, you can call Lake Forest Quality Caregivers, LLC at 949-328-9848. We are a caregiving agency in Orange County.


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