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Medication Safety for Seniors: What You Need to Know


Older adults tend to take multiple medications daily to manage chronic conditions. As we age, however, changes in our bodies affect how medications may work for us. Hence, using medications safely is crucial to senior health to prevent common medication problems. Here, we discuss medication safety tips for older adults:

  • Take medications as prescribed.

    A caregiving agency in Orange County can help seniors take their medicines regularly and according to their healthcare provider’s instructions. Caregivers can keep track of any bothersome side effects and provide reminders to ensure seniors don’t skip doses. This also entails making sure seniors do not stop taking prescription medication without first consulting their provider.

  • Store medications properly.

    Proper storage is essential to ensure medicines remain effective and safe. A provider of home care in Orange County can help seniors follow specific store instructions for medicine. Most medications should be stored in a cool, dry place while some may need to be stored inside the refrigerator. Caregivers may also regularly check the expiration date and properly dispose of medications that are expired or no longer in use.

  • Maintain a list of medications.

    Affordable caregivers in Orange County can help maintain a list of medications. This list should be kept up-to-date and includes any changes made by the senior’s healthcare provider. A medication list should include the prescription medicine’s brand name and generic name, any over-the-counter medicines and supplements, the dosage, and how often the senior takes each medicine.

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